NEW COMFORT TRAVEL LINES have revolutionized the process of providing transportation services, always committed to fulfilling the terms and conditions for our customers. Even during unforeseen crises such as the diesel crisis and floods in Chennai, we have ensured 100% service delivery by running all vehicles without any disruptions.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees and client associates are our top priorities. We conduct regular health checkups, training, and awareness programs. Accidental Insurance Benefits are provided for drivers, associates, and cleaners. We strictly adhere to statutory safety requirements and equip all vehicles with necessary safety measures.

Environmental Policy

NCTL is committed to environmental safety. We conduct training programs on the "Go Green" policy, implement preventive measures for pollution-free vehicles, and maintain our office with eco-friendly practices.

Compliance and Safety

At New Comfort Travel Lines, compliance and safety are our top priorities. We guarantee the presence of mandatory documents in all our vehicles, including the Registration Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Emission Certificate, Driver's License with Badge, Road Tax Card, and Employee ID Card, ensuring a secure and reliable travel experience

Help Desk Support

At New Comfort Travel Lines, our dedicated Help Desk ensures comprehensive support, collaborating closely with Transport Admin. Equipped with dedicated communication facilities, a round-the-clock Transport Supervisor, and proactive intimation for changes in vehicles and drivers. We maintain transparent vehicle windows, regularly update the Driver's Database, conduct periodic security reviews, and offer training sessions for drivers, while sharing route lists with our drivers and staff for optimal coordination

Safety Session

At New Comfort Travel Lines, safety is paramount for our employees and client associates. We prioritize their well-being through comprehensive driver training covering defensive driving, safety, mechanic skills, passenger relations, and drug/alcohol awareness. Our handbooks provide detailed safety instructions, and regular safety awareness programs are conducted by experienced trainers from departments like RTO, Police, Insurance, and renowned Safety Trainers and engineers from leading automotive companies, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

Contingency Management

At New Comfort Travel Lines, our contingency management is robust for unforeseen circumstances. The Help Desk promptly informs Transport Admin, deploying rescue and maintenance teams, ensuring an alternate vehicle within time. In case of an accident, our Help Desk informs Transport Admin, deploys rescue teams, provides an alternate vehicle, and organizes relief work. Immediate first aid is administered, and information is relayed to authorities. Vehicle checklists and inspections are diligently conducted, ensuring safety and reliability in every situation


All our vehicles are equipped with communication devices such as GPS or Mobile Phones for instant communication. Our vehicles carry emergency torch lights, umbrellas, magazines, bubble-top water cans, and laptop charger points. We install GPS based on client needs. With over 100 vehicles in various categories, including premium vehicles, we ensure a comprehensive travel experience.

Control Room

Our Control Room has the facility to keep track of virtually everything to do with our Tour and Travels operations.

Live Tracking (GPS)

Real-time GPS-based tracking and updates.

Driver App

Track driver on the move.

Hardware Integration

Panic Button, GPS Camera, RFID and microphones.

At New Comfort Travel Lines, your comfort is our commitment. Trust us to be your travel partner, ensuring safe, comfortable, and timely journeys.

For Corporate or Bulk Booking

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